Time for introductions!
I'm Kim, 
the face behind Kimberly Caldwell Legree Photography!  
I’m married to my soul mate & we've been together for 22 years this June. We have 3 boys, and 2 dogs and 1 grandpup we've kinda inherited. 
Born & raised in Metro Detroit by the best supportive parents that have always been my #1 fans. I started ballet at age 3, and sports right after, I was a total jock.  Growing up with 2 older brothers, I was quite the Tom Boy.  
I LOVE 80's music & movies, chasing sunsets & animals. My newest hobby is my new IPAD pro I got for Christmas & the Procreate App (if you know, you know). 
All my life, creative expression has been my driving force. Standing apart from the crowd and doing things a little different is what I do best. I am constantly trying to find new ways to grow.
 My journey into photography began as an artistic person, I have always loved art.  And way back when I was in middle school, I was always the one with the camera when out with friends – I just hated the week long wait to see if you got anything good! Fast forward to now, for 13 years, I have made a career out of capturing  your most precious and priceless moments and I couldn’t be happier – I get to do what I love and provide you with lasting memories at the same time!
Please don't let my chair scare you from picking me as your photographer. 
 So let’s chat and get you on my schedule! Don’t let time slip by without capturing these memories with beautiful, priceless images! 

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